Finishing up our study on the Fear of the Lord
Studying the Bible Part 2 - Believe It Is True
Principles of Holiness Part 2 - Principle 1 Does it glorify God?
Bible Principles of Holiness Part 1 - How can me make decisions in our lives to do or not do things? Bible principles are the answer.
Part 1 of Studying the Bible. Believe that the Bible is as necessary to your spiritual life as air, food, and water are to your physical life.

Psalm 119:25-32

February 21, 2018

The Christian Call To Arms

February 18, 2018

Three prayers given by David that we should pray on a daily basis.
The cure for the troubled heart. The Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
Psalm 119:9-16 - How to Stay on Track in your spiritual life. Memorize, make known, and meditate on the word of God.

The Good Heart

February 4, 2018
Part 5 in the Heart Series that looks at the Good Heart. We see it characteristics and its cultivation.

Psalm 119:5-8

January 31, 2018
A study finishing the first section of Psalm 119. In this study we look at how to obey the commandment of vs 4 to "keep thy precepts diligently." We must…
Our study of the Book of Judges continues with Samson. Samson's life illustrates a very important fact about Christians, the struggle between the flesh and the spirit.

The Thorny Heart

January 28, 2018
Part 4 of the Heart series dealing with the thorny heart that is choked by the cares, pleasures, and riches of this life.
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